Our core component for any Enterprise meta-data strategy.
Smart*Storyboard™ incorporates real-time analysis of the video's full text, audio and image content allowing it to automatically segment and summarize video creating relevant information from the initial raw data.

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Broadcast Monitoring

Allows enterprises to monitor multiple broadcast streams simultaneously, for example, to gain market intelligence or verifiable quality assurance of network feeds.

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A low-cost entry level packaged software solution that is ideal for post- production format transfer projects. meta*Starter™ also gives organizations a way to start generating metadata about the video assets they own or process.

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Archive and Metadata Solutions

Video is one of the most widely used and effective communication tools available. And as its use grows more pervasive, the need to manage the growing cache of video resources becomes critical.

A searchable video repository is the key to creating a useful and sustainable digital video archive, but video presents difficult archiving challenges: it's not easy to mange, distribute, or search, and it is not interactive

ContentVision software products meet these challenges by transforming standard analog and digital video into a fully-indexed data type for archiving and digital publishing purposes.

As a result, producers, publishers, and viewers gain the precise control needed to manage, process, distribute and use video efficiently and effectively. Our software modules were designed with adaptable workflow in mind and are grouped into areas of functionality:

. real-time capture and analysis,

. xml and database driven metadata repositories,

. and carefully crafted client applications suited to video mining and re-purposing.


The ContentVision Infrastructure Platform


Capitalize upon the immediacy, interactivity and reach of enterprise networks and the Internet to get maximum return on your content production investments:

. Archiving

. Digital Signage

. Distance Learning

. Customer, Product and Employee Education


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