Our core component for any Enterprise meta-data strategy.
Smart*Storyboard™ incorporates real-time analysis of the video's full text, audio and image content allowing it to automatically segment and summarize video creating relevant information from the initial raw data.

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A low-cost entry level packaged software solution that is ideal for post- production format transfer projects. meta*Starter™ also gives organizations a way to start generating metadata about the video assets they own or process.

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Professional Services for
Integrators and Media Asset Solution Providers

ContentVision's modular approach to building video analysis and management software gives Integrators and Media Asset Solution Providers an easy way to take advantage of our advanced technology solutions.

Using combinations of our proprietary software modules dramatically reduces the costs normally associated with producing useful data about video assets or broadcasts.

Our packaged video analysis software generates XML based metadata for elegent integration into both current solutions and next generation technologies.

A key design point is that the generated metadata is distinct and separate from content. This separation allows for flexibility in how and where content is stored and managed. And it promotes robust reuse of content in other formats and technologies.

Designed with adaptable workflow in mind, these software modules are grouped into 2 areas of functionality; Pre-packaged Software based Video Analysis kits and Metadata Solution kits.

ContentVision Software Video Analysis Kits

Based on our open platform architcture we have 3 levels of pre-configured Kits that deploy easily into a solution infrastructure.

. an affordable entry level metadata capture and ingest kit - meta*Starter

. metadata generation Kit designed for tape processing environments

. metadata generation Kit designed for broadcast feed environments

Video indexing occurs at three levels in each kit: automatically extracted metadata, external metadata and manual annotations.

Automatically extracted metadata include signal processing algorithms to generate scene change keyframes which provide a visual overview of the content. If embeeded textual informantion is present (closed captioning) it is extracted and time-stamped to provide a metadata track of searchable information in the index.

External metadata examples such as spreadsheets, shot logs, transcripts and asrun logs can also be easily incorporated into the video index.

Manual annotations and clip marking can be rapidly and accurately incorporated into the video in real time or as a post process through the user interface. Hot keys, and user-defined function key mappings are also supported.

Optionally, a network web-ready windows media 9 video is created for viewing the content.


ContentVision Software Metadata Solution Kits

Our metadata solution kits provide a range of content management functions for enterprise-scale, rich-media applications including: data storeage, full text search, content editing and access control.

Built using Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), our kits provide everything needed for a comprehensive content management environment with sophisticated capabilities: security, user and group management, asset management, database and storage management, XSL template rendering, and high availability. Three database plug-ins are available with support for MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle, and the kit relies on the underlying database functionality for fault recovery and backup of the data.

Using a relational database to store metadata ensures uncompromised availability through standard SQL utilities and interfaces such as ODBC and JDBC. And the database schema is robust and flexible to allow for the customization of user specified metadata, creating a dynamic storage environment. All captured metadata, whether automatically generated (such as closed captioned text, and keyframes) or manually entered into the database (such as as title, keywords, and location), is easily and readily accessible.

Coupled with ContentVision's Video analysis kits or your ingest capture subsystem, metadata solution kits can provide a return on investment in a variety of application areas such as:

. Distance Learning . Product Education
. Tape Library Management   . Legal - Depositions
. Customer and Employee Communications   . Post Production





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