A comprehensive business intelligence system for comparing multiple channels of newsbroadcasts providing insight andverifiable data to station executives on what has been aired.

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Provides 24x7, digital recording from multiple broadcast sources, storage of broadcast content including closed captions and allows easy access to this data via a standard web Browser.

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TV Broadcast Solutions

The Information Advantage

Do you need real insight into your overnight ratings?

Would you like on-demand access to an automated, digital archive of your daily broadcasts--and your competitors broadcasts-- that eliminates cumbersome VHS logging?

ContentVision's suite of TV Broadcast solutions places the power of information at your fingertips.

Our video analysis and management solutions provide you with the information that is critical to your broadcast organization's success, delivered daily, reliably, and directly to your desktop.

ContentVision empowers broadcasters. Our technology ingests, analyzes, monitors and indexes multiple broadcast streams—automatically and in real time—streamlining workflows and providing you with a comprehensive understanding of all your video content.

We transform unwieldy video assets into valuable business resources that provide untapped and invaluable sources of business intelligence.

Technology is advancing. Viewing habits are shifting.

It's crucial for broadcast organizations to keep up with both.

ContentVision doesn't just help you keep pace--we propel you ahead of the curve by enabling you to capitalize on new delivery channels, such as IPTV, that are changing the way consumers receive and view broadcast content.

In order to reach and retain audiences as viewing habits shift, broadcasters must be able to manipulate and exploit their video resources. They must be able to organize, analyze, retrieve and repurpose these assets for all manner of production, delivery and consumption.

ContentVision helps broadcasters index, archive, and find video content on demand, so they can deliver it on demand, for increased viewership--and revenue.

Our suite of affordable products designed specifically for Cable and Television Broadcasters provides:

  • 24x7 broadcast monitoring, generating a digital Aircheck archive of all broadcast assets

  • sophisticated analysis of multiple news feeds and easy retrieval of detailed information about what the competition aired and when, automatically organized daily into prepared interactive profiles and reports

  • rich metadata that affords your sales organization a competitive advantage when selling advertising with these same assets, repurposed for your web site.


We make video more valuable.



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