Value from Video.  Fast and Easy

Whether your goal is gathering business intelligence, streamlining production processes, or repurposing digital and analog assets, transforming video into valuable business resources requires that you can locate what you need, when you need it. Quickly. Accurately. Easily.

ContentVision, a video analysis and management platform, enables just that.

Rich metadata…it's what we're all about.

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Ratings. Are yours high enough?

ContentVision's family of News-based solutions helps to optimize your programming for increased ratings, which results in more dollars per advertisement and in increased revenues for the station.

News*Edge™ is a comprehensive business intelligence system for comparing multiple channels of newsbroadcasts providing insight andverifiable data to station executives on what has been aired.

Transition to digital recording from tape logging

Air*Check ™ provides 24x7, digital recording from multiple broadcast sources, storage of broadcast content including closed captions and allows easy access to this data via a standard web Browser.

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Cool Video…how do you use it?

offers a comprehensive solutions to Corporate IT Organizations, and Post-Production Facilities seeking to easily deploy video centric information.

Smart*Storyboard™, our core realtime analysis application, intelligently creates a structured index about the content, which can then be tied to applications for revenue generation, enhanced collab-oration and expedited communication.

meta*Starter™ is a low-cost entry level packaged software solution that is ideal for post production format transfer projects and also gives organizations a way to start generating metadata about the video assets they own or process.

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Dramatically increase time to market of your next generation solution.

Integrators and Media Asset Solution Providers will find it affordable partnering with ContentVision Professional Services. Leverage your expertise by using our proven function specific based modules such as...

Image and time-based storyboard generation with adjustable keyframe detection

Automatic extraction of Closed caption from video when present

Automatically process text transcripts to spoken word in the video providing richer metadata

Real-time object detection and tracking from stationary cameras

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